Apps I Love: Day One

Journaling is one of those things that I hear people rave about; at the
same time it takes great discipline. While in the past I’ve wanted the
benefits of keeping a journal, I haven’t been disciplined enough to be

That’s where Day One (website) came in.

I was able to pick it up just after the influx of Christmas iTunes gift
cards this past year. The thing that sold me is that there is one
universal iOS app (for iPhone and iPad) and a companion Mac app. The
interface is dead simple and even joyous to use.

But the thing that drives my love for Day One is reminders. Especially
in the early going of forming new habits, I need to be prompted to do
something. You can configure alerts to prompt journaling at different
intervals on your devices. For me I have it go every 4 hours starting at
8 am on my Mac at work, and daily at night on my iOS devices.

To this point I’ve put in over 300 entries in just over 140 days of
usage. For someone who hasn’t been a consistent journaler, I consider
that a minor miracle.

For all the great things about Day One I have had one minor quibble. The
app syncs great over Dropbox, but when I tried switching over to iCloud
I started losing entries. For now I’m sticking with Dropbox but I may
try it again after the next update or two (the developers say they have
improved iCloud support in the upcoming release).

There are also a couple great features coming down soon that I’m really
looking forward to: photos and tagging. I’m especially pumped for
tagging. Emily and I want to camp at all the Washington state parks, so
I could tag our thoughts in a post. Or I could tag entries based on what
I’m praying about in a given day so I can look back and create follow up

Overall Day One has been a terrific app for me and it’s really changed
how I chronicle my day to day life. Pick it up at the iOS or Mac App
stores with the links below.

$1.99 on the iOS App

$9.99 on the Mac App