Apps I Love: 1Password

Passwords can be annoying beasts. We all need them to safeguard our info but our tendencies are to use a couple for all the places we go because managing them can be a huge pain. I was firmly planted in that camp until about 4 years ago when I decided to plunge into 1Password from Agile Bits.

What makes a utility like 1Password great is that it integrates with your browser. So when Im at a site that Ive registered at it remembers my login. If Im somewhere that I havent been before, 1Password offers to remember my new login and password and will even make suggestions for a new and very secure password for me.

Im at the point where I know hardly any of my passwords and I love it.

But it gets even better from there. With 1Password I can even store my contact info for multiple locations as well as my credit/debit cards. The great thing about this is that it knows which fields to fill in when Im buying something and fills in the right info. It just works!

But I can hear you asking, what about syncing between all of my devices? Youre covered there too. Dropbox is fully baked into 1Password on the desktop as well as iOS and Android and it syncs seamlessly in the background so you dont have to do anything. And if youre not near one of your devices you can login to your Dropbox and open the file from your browser

1Password supports Mac (where it got its statt), Windows, iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and Android. On Macs integration is supported with Safari, Firefox and Chrome whereas with Windows it supports all of the above plus Internet Explorer.

My biggest request at this point would be to build in a full web browser with iCloud bookmark support into their iOS version. That would probably be enough for me to consider using 1Password as my full time iPad browser.

Ideally Safari would allow extensions on the iPhone or iPad olive you can have on your desktop browser but that likely will never happen.

There are many purchasing options for 1Password. I have found the Mac App store to be the best way for me, since it will come with a free upgrade to the forthcoming 4.0 release. I dont have zany info on the new features, but Ive heard its going to be awesome and beautiful.. Im looking forward to that one.

You can find 1Password at the Agile Bits website, or at one of the links below for multiple platforms.

$49.99 on the Mac App Store

$14.99 for iPhone and iPad on the iOS App Store

$49.99 for the Windows edition