Direction of the site

If you look down the page just a post or two, the dates on them might stand out. I haven’t been writing much lately. That has been an increasing trend here and in the journal I keep on Day One. Part of it is that I’m not sure what I should put here. Do I publish things that I’m studying, grappling with or have created? Do I re-post links to things that I find interesting (but I’m sure everyone else has seen)?

I know that there have been some promises I’ve made to write more and I didn’t. I also blew my prediction of what Apple would call the iPad Mini and didn’t follow up on that. That’s my bad. I tried writing more about The Dark Knight Rises, but it felt forced and I didn’t like what came out. So I bagged it.

I like the idea of publishing things that I’ve been working on, but the problem that I have with that is it seems kind of vain. I don’t want to put it out to the world in a way that comes off as smug and “look at what I’ve done”, but rather in a way that can hopefully be of use to someone. I’m still grappling with what this all looks like. In all likelihood it will be a couple posts about my development of FileMaker Pro apps for work using common modules to handle things like navigation. I’m really happy with how those things have turned out, and am working on making it a script-only thing (with inspiration from Tood Geist’s Modular FileMaker Project).

I’ve got another post that will be showing up tomorrow, re-starting the Apps I love series. I also submitted a guest blog post that I’ll definitely share if it gets published. I’m not going to make any promises about quantity of the content here. In the end this is a site that I hope will become reflective of me, what I’m interested in and what’s going on in my life. Hopefully you’ll stick around.

EDIT: Actually my new post in the Apps I love series will be coming online on Tuesday. I’ve got something special to post tomorrow instead.