Introducing Scorebook

This is a big day for me. Huge, even. Today I am announcing my first app. I call it Scorebook.

My grandparents were married for 60 years and loved playing games with each other. Cribbage, dominoes, and others. Over the years they kept record of winner and loser in a little book. After my wife and I got married we started playing games too. I remembered my grandparents and suggested that we start keeping score like they did.

And then I wanted an app to help us out, so Scorebook was born.

Scorebook gives you a place to remember the games you play. It's great for capturing your memories playing games with friends or family. You can attach pictures, notes, and location too.

I'm so excited to get Scorebook out into the world. My wife and I have been using it and it's great. Soon I'll be able to start playing games with my kids and I can't wait to capture those memories too.

Scorebook will be available for iPhones running iOS 8 or later. It's very late in development and my plan is to release on November 25 for $2.99.

For some screenshots to see what it looks like, check out my new company, Taphouse Software.