Finding My Next Thing

My last day working at Solomon Solution was Friday. It's weird to think about, that it's been almost a week. My family and I went over to eastern Washington on a 4 day trip to a remote lake house over the weekend so I have been offline for the last while, and that's why I haven't written about my current job search.

What it boils down to is that I want to do iOS development full-time, and my previous job wasn't going to afford that any time soon. They needed my 100% commitment there, as well, and seeing as how I was doing marketing campaigns and HTML templates they just weren't going to get that from me. So I've moved on.

Thankfully I have lots of good leads on possible work. I'm having a second interview with a place tomorrow and there are some possible contract positions that could work if I don't find a full-time gig. I'm also not turning any opportunity away, so if you know of something please get in touch!

I've also got some really exciting things happening with Taphouse Software that I'm hoping to announce next week. I'm getting into the productized consulting game, that's all I will say for now. But stay tuned.

All in all, I'm not down about where I'm at right now. The prospects are exciting, and the chance to build my own company is very intriguing. I'm hopeful that I'll have a firmer grasp on where I'm going to land in the next couple of weeks. Although if you're so inclined, there are a couple of ways to chip in too. 😊