Bay Area Trip Pt. 1

I’ve been in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay area since Thursday evening.
This is the first trip I’ve taken of this length in about 8 years when
our family went on an Alaskan cruise. I was the summer before my senior
year in high school then.

I’ve really had a good time down here. For November, the weather is very
warm, in the high 70s to low 80s and sunny. I’m looking forward to going
home, but not to the dreary, gray overcast Seattle skies. On my list of
things I’d change about Seattle, weather is 1 and traffic is 2. Thinking
about that, I’ve just been convicted that the first thing I would change
should be the number of people who love Jesus. I think I’ll pray about
that tonight.

Enoch was gracious enough to let me use his buddy pass for free airfare
on Alaska air, and we flew down on Thursday night. We stayed at our
friends Nate and Annie’s apartment the last 3 nights and we’re staying
at his grandfather’s house tonight and Monday night. It’s not a long
trip, but it’s been relaxing and fun and what I needed.

On Friday, Nate, Enoch and I went north to wine country in Healdsburg.
We got a late start and only went to 2 wineries. I can’t tell the
difference between red wines, which is what we tasted except for 1
really good white wine. After that we went to a brewery called
Lagunitas. We missed the 1 free tour they do per day, but they let us in
anyway and we had about 6 free cups of beer to try. I really liked their
Censored Copper Ale and the Brown Shugga Ale. Enoch and Nate split a 12
pack of 22oz. bottles of Hopped Stoopid, their IPA above the double.

Saturday, the 4 of us went to San Francisco. We took BART in to Powell
street then walked around the shopping district, through China Town, up
(yes up) Lombard Street, then down to the waterfront and Fisherman’s
Wharf. That’s probably around 5 miles of walking. We went back to the
apartment for dinner, drinks and 2 games of Settlers that Enoch won.

I’ll post later about the second part of the trip.