In the second grade my dad took me to my first Mariners game. It was in the Kingdome against the Blue Jays and I really had no interest in going. We got there after the game started and got to our seats to the right of the press box. At some point during the game a foul ball came up to us (hit by backup catcher Matt Sinatro). A guy near us caught it and handed me the ball. I was hooked.

That was my entry into sports. I loved the Mariners and couldn't get enough of them. Fast forward to today. Last season was a huge disappointment; blowing another lead to some historic A's team is old hat. Thankfully we are going on a plan to tear things down and rebuild in a way that might actually get us competitive in a few years (I'm all aboard this plan FWIW – it's the only way we're going to ever compete for a World Series).

But last week a story came out that is just gross. I feel gross in wanting to cheer them on to win it all.

For about a year, the Mariners employed Dr. Lorena Martin. She came to a new role with the team as a "high performance trainer". She was let go from the team last month and is now saying that GM Jerry Dipoto, Manager Scott Servais, and Farm Director Andy McKay demonstrated clear racist tendencies, especially against Latin players. I don't know if her claims are true or not; the Mariners have fervently denied all the claims.

A lot of the stories she recounts seem to be personal meetings without third parties to back them up. So we seem left in a he-said, she-said position with no real insight of what to think. If it's true, Dipoto, Servais, and McKay need to go. Full stop. I don't want them leading the Mariners, and I don't want to cheer for a team they lead. But if it's not true then Dr. Martin should say so immediately.

As a fan I don't know what to think. I just want the truth to come out. And to root on my Mariners. One day they will win the World Series and I want to feel good about cheering them on to it.

There were a ton of cheesehead Packer fans around downtown Seattle today. It was especially appropriate when I saw a few come out of Beecher’s at the market. Go Hawks!

A new Mac mini would come in so handy in encoding this beastly box set. It’s okay though, I’m patient 😊

The new Mac mini looks fantastic! It would be great someday to replace my 2012 version with one of these.

By a stroke of what I can only call the Lord's providence, we found a TV exactly the same as the one that was broken. $275 later and it's up on the wall.

I'm so glad I don’t have to jump into the “Smart" TV era just yet.

Is there any decent non-smart TV out there anymore? I'm suddenly in the market for something to replace my Samsung plasma screen.

I heard about Alton Brown’s egg nog recipe the other day and had to give it a go. Now I’ve got a huge bowl of it chilling in my fridge for the next couple of months. Can’t wait to try it!

If you or someone you know has an app that needs updating, get in touch! I'm on the hunt for a fun side hustle.

Working on an updated version of Scorebook (which was written entirely in Objective-C). I'm making new stuff in Swift, and having to update a bunch of the old code to work with the new. It's been a while since I've had to do a bunch of bridging and this is a nice refresher.

And our internet is back! 🎉

We are having a FIOS internet outage at home, and I’m realizing how impactful it is for my small kiddos.

The lack of intrinsicContentSize on UIStackView (and all arranged subviews having a 0,0 origin) is causing me a decent amount of grief this morning.

Getting back into a project I wrote a few years ago exclusively in Objective-C and adding new stuff in Swift. I constantly forget to remember @objc declarations and have had to make a couple of wrappers so my Swift stuff will bridge correctly. But it's good to be back in this app

It's kind of surprising to me that a new line of iPhones were introduced today and I'm not really interested in upgrading to any of them (the XS being the only realistic option for me). I think that's a credit to just how good the iPhone X is.