My new job

I’ve accepted a new position within my company
(MicroK12), where I’ll move from
the service department fixing computers to our sales department, doing
inside sales and also filling the role of video specialist. Part of my
new job will also be to create promotional videos spotlighting products
for our website. We’ve never ventured into video production before, so
I’ll be creating that aspect of promotions from scratch.

One of the great things about this is my schedule will be stable. Right
now I’m working Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in Kent where I need to
be there at 8:30 and in our office on Tuesday and Friday, where I can
show up at 9:30. Now my day will be from 8-5, and there’s always a 15
minute commute. I’m even considering getting a bike so on the nicer days
I can ride in to work.

I ask for your prayer for me in this transition that I would finish well
in service, and that I wouldn’t let the senior-itis creep in.In all,
this is a huge blessing from God and I’m really excited to begin this
new season.