Kitchen Upgrade

This last week has been filled with much work in the kitchen by Emily
and me. Thankfully when we’re done it will transform from this:

To this:

I kid, I kid. Actually, we’re just painting the cabinets, but that has
turned into a much larger ordeal than I imagined it would be. Sanding
has been so much more of a pain than it should be. I’m hoping that they
can get done soon, and that they look pretty decent when they are done.
We are going for a dark chocolate color with brushed silver hinges and
adding handles to the doors/drawers.

I already replaced the lighting with a nicer track from Ikea, and that
was really simple. It’s so stressful having all the cabinets empty with
dust everywhere. At this point, finishing will be a really nice relief.

The best part of the experience has been slowly turning the condo from
my bachelor pad to Emily’s and my future home together.