First Dark Knight Rises Image (It's Bane!)

First Dark Knight Rises Image (It's

Unbelievable story about how the first image from The Dark Knight Rises
got released this morning:

Fans had to work Friday morning to reveal the first official image of
Bane fromThe Dark Knight Rises***. Along with Thursdaysunexciting
the beginning of production on
Christopher Nolan
*s highly
anticipated third part in his Batman trilogy,The Dark Knight Rises,
Warner Bros. also launched the films official
Originally, if you clicked over there, it was just a black image with
some really weird chanting. A fan was able to look at the visual
spectrum of that audio file and in it wasa Twitter Hashtag. You cant
make this stuff up. The
when tweeted, slowly revealed, pixel by pixel, some kind of image on
the site.

Click over for the rest of the story and the full official image.