There's always something

I went to work today hoping and praying that I could come home to new floors. I did, in a manner of speaking.

I got a call from Dick (our pastor and handyman) saying that the carpet didn’t hide the typical plywood flooring, rather concrete. And the concrete is not in good shape.

This means that instead of having the project completed on Wednesday or Thursday he needs to lay down a leveler/sealer. Doing that will ensure that the flooring will last longer, and be better seated.

I got home from work today to an echo-y condo that didn’t feel like home anymore. All of my stuff is packed into the rooms or the kitchen, and walking around felt kind of surreal. So what was supposed to be a one day project (maybe part of a second day) becomes a three day project.

I’m not freaking out about it the same way I did with the cabinets by God’s grace. Partly because I know it’s not bigger than God and didn’t catch him by surprise. Also partly because I know that I’m not doing the work, and I’m confident in the new timeline. God is good, and I know that he’ll take care of me. Even if that means concrete floors for the time being.