Apps I love: An Introduction

I’m something of an app junkie. I remember looking forward to the old Mac Addict magazine every month and being engrossed by the shareware on the included cd. I worked selling Macs in high school and got access to lots of different apps there too.

Over the last few years my affinity for great software has grown by leaps and bounds with the App Store for iPhone, iPad and the Mac. There are so many great apps out nowadays that you can’t go a week without hearing about something new.

It sounds weird to say, but honestly my life has definitely been changed for the better by these apps that I’ve grown to love. In that light I want to share some of the apps that I love and the problems in my life that they solve.

Part of my hope in this series is to get feedback. What apps do you use to tackle the same things? I love thinking about the systems that I use and am constantly looking for better ways to do things.

I hope you enjoy the series as much as I do and that it can be fruitful for all of us!