New Beginning

Today is my last day working at MicroK12. All told I've worked there for nearly 12.5 years in two stints, and done all the jobs there from retail sales to service to developer. It's been a crazy ride that started when I was 16.

I graduated from high school, bought a home, got married and had a kid all while working there. I've learned some about how to handle success, a lot about how to handle failure and even more about handling the difficulty that comes in between.

But a strange confluence of events has brought a new beginning to me. Starting on Monday I'll be working for Solomon Solution doing technical consulting work. My first client is going to be a huge project making improvements to an existing FileMaker database, building a web portal for customer use and integrating it with external systems.

I'm really excited about this new journey, albeit a bit nervous. Micro has always been steady and – aside from my 2 year stint working at Mars Hill – is really the only workplace I've ever known.

Really this is a story of God's grace. He's brought this opportunity along, and taking a step in faith often requires delving into the unknown. The guys that I've met at Solomon are really great dudes who care about each other and me. I'm elated to be joining that team and venturing into the unknown.