Always Learning

There have been a couple big things come together this week: Apple held WWDC and I am on the verge of completing the iOS development certificate that I started back in September. I just wrapped up all the homework and our last class is tomorrow.

The biggest news of the week was Swift, Apple's new programming language. My initial reaction was shock, followed by a little sadness that I've spent the last couple of years (learning on my own and then school) learning Objective-C and the Cocoa frameworks. And now there's a whole new language to learn.

But the sadness has worn off in the light of how cool Swift looks even from this first "public beta" and it dawned on me: If you get complacent as a developer, or in any profession really, you're not going to last. To excel you need to keep learning.

During my last couple of months at Micro I learned enough to put a basic ASP .net web application for us internally. At first I was hesitant to take it on but as I got to learning the C# language and some of the frameworks I grew to like it (despite some gripes). Learning those tools was fun.

I'm excited to have the certificate as something I can hang on my wall. I'm excited to dive into projects in the coming days. And being able to learn the Swift language. Because learning is a forever endeavor.