Formally Introducing Taphouse Software

Over the last few months I’ve been considering my future. When I made the decision to move on from Solomon Solution, my thoughts turned to what was next. When I launched Scorebook last year I did it under my company, Taphouse Software. Up to this point I was going back and forth as to what Taphouse should be. For sure it would be the place where I would release my own apps, but could it be something more?

The answer to that is a resounding yes. Today I’m really excited to begin offering two new services through Taphouse: iOS App Prototyping and iOS App Insurance.

App Prototyping is a quick project that can bear out a concept that you might have in your head. You can see how the app would function in the real world and decide how to move on from there.

App Insurance is for the App that is already in the App Store, where customers will discover bugs, updates from Apple (iOS itself or new hardware) require some minor tweaks to get things back up and running smoothly. I can take care of those things for you at a monthly rate.

I’ve been pondering these two offerings for a little while now, and I can’t be more happy to put them out there. If you think they could help you, or someone you know, I’d be more than happy to help along the way. Just get in touch!