This is My New Site; It Looks Like The Old Site

I have launched my new website. If you’ve been around here before you might not notice anything different (if you’re a new reader – welcome! 👋). But I assure you, it’s different.

I was running my site on Ghost. And while it was great for me for the last few years I found it lacking lately (mostly I want to combine microblogging and full-length blogging). So I decided to build my own engine.

I call it Maverick, and my ambitions for this project are pretty lofty. It’s not a finished product yet; far from it. But I realized that it was close enough to replace Ghost that I should just pull the trigger. Real artists ship, after all. In fact, this is the first thing I’ve shipped on my own since Scorebook back in November, 2014.

Maverick is powered by Vapor, which is a web framework written in Swift. This appealed to me on a few levels but the main one is that I already know Swift since I’m an iOS developer by trade. Not learning a whole new language is a big win for me (as I’ll explain in later posts there were several other things I had to learn to get here).

I started writing the intro post which went into some technical detail but realized that maybe I’d gone too far after 1100 words. So I’m going to go a different route and break things up into different posts. I wanted to get this inaugural post out there to commemorate the occasion.

If you’re curious about Maverick, it’s fully open source. Things are a little confusing, but there are 2 repos: the first is for the actual application, and the second is for my website. I’ll leave you with links to the two repos. Cheers!