Scorebook is Back!

TL;DR: Scorebook has returned to the App Store!

Scorebook got removed from sale by Apple in January of last year. I spent most of the year sad about that, and late in the year I asked myself a big question: Had the time come to let it go?

Screw that noise. Let’s get to work.

I went about updating it to require iOS 12. There were new devices that it needed to support, safe areas to work with, and an entire web API to replace. I’ve done a lot of work calling web services over the last few years at my day jobs. But I’ve never built one before.

After a lot of head down time over the last month I’m so happy to report that Scorebook 1.5 was released this morning. I’ve got a lot of work I want to do on it including finishing up the CloudKit sync I built out, updating the UI to be less 2014 and more 2019, and figuring out a different pricing strategy (hello in-app purchase!).

The most important thing is that Scorebook is back. I hope you check it out, play some games with your family and friends, and make memories over your games.

Check out Scorebook from Taphouse Software