WWDC 2019 Recap

I'm super thankful that I got to travel to San Jose last week for Apple's WWDC conference. Granted, I didn't get a ticket, but I did go to AltConf (which was right next door to the big show). This was my first time being in town for WWDC and it was a blast. I traveled with my buddy Seth and we took in the keynote together, as well as all the podcast recordings we could fit in.

Monday, of course, was Mac Pro Day, Tuesday we got to sit in the balcony for Gruber's interview of Craig and Joz, and Wednesday was RelayFM's Connected. Following the Connected show on Wednesday we hit up the Ritz for James Dempsey and the Breakpoints, which was a great show at a small club.

It really is true that Apple nerds take over the city during WWDC week. There were lots of Xcoders hanging around (particularly at the Fairmont and Cinebar). And we were all buzzing with the releases from Apple. We came in to the week thinking that Catalyst (née Marzipan) would be on the road to taking over the Mac and hoped for a Mac Pro preview. Boy did we get a Mac Pro preview! It looks like an absolute monster of a machine – complete with a monitor that ships without a stand. And Catalyst looks better than anyone had hoped for. But that wasn't the news of the week.

Nope, that belonged to SwiftUI. In one fell swoop and without saying so explicitly, Apple deprecated AppKit and UIKit. We now have our drawing framework that can scale from the little watch to a big screen TV, and an editor that looks unbelievably great. It's like the good parts of Interface Builder (the visual feedback) without the crappy parts of Interface Builder (the xml files). I can't wait to play with it more.

I'm really looking forward to Xcoders this week. We're doing WWDC lightning talks. It's a great opportunity for folks to give a talk under a low pressure situation, and we have 7 talk scheduled with 3 new speakers. I'm slated to give one and decided to do it on Xcode's integration of Swift Package Manager.

Time to start working on the talk!