🔗 Where is Windmill on the iPhone?

Markos Charatzas, writing about the state of his Windmill apps:

More importantly. Apple took the stance that the Command Line Tools Package is only meant to be used by developers in-house and not by 3rd parties to provide support for continuous integration systems - continuous delivery in the case of Windmill.

As developers building things for Apple's platforms we are largely operating within the walls set forth by Apple itself. There could be a whole industry of products built to support making development easier (think of things like Fastlane but easier to use).

Windmill is one such tool that looks really interesting. It currently runs on the Mac and monitors your local git repository for changes, building and running your app to make sure things don't break while you're developing. I've yet to use it personally but more importantly think it's something that should be allowed to exist. Apple should be in the business of fostering creative solutions to lots of different problems instead of shutting them out.

If Apple's stance is that it's okay to build workflows and internal apps on these command line tools, then why is it not okay to try to make a product out of them? It seems to me that forcing every place to deal with these issues individually will waste a lot of time and add tons of friction to workflows that could be eased with these tools.

This is one case where I wish Apple would be more conversational and clear. Markos has commendably been trying to get a conversation started. But oftentimes these "discussions" are one sided, with interested third-party developers being the ones talking and patiently waiting for Apple to respond. I'd love to see that change someday but the change will have to be on Apple's side, not ours.