Radio Silence

I never intend for droughts in making new posts. Often times I'll make a post then not even realize how much time goes by before the next one. Lately finding things that I consider worthwhile to post has been difficult. Work has been crazy, I took on a side project for a client, and we got our kids in the swing of school for the first time (Atticus is in full-day kindergarten and Finnian 2 mornings of preschool per week).

I usually like writing about things that I hope will help people in some way, or at the very least will help me get to a destination that I'm seeking for (hence the SwiftUI posts most recently). But the problems I've had to solve at work and for the side project are both specific to those codebases and probably not interesting to others or things I shouldn't be sharing about. So I go silent.

I don't like being silent. I can easily find myself in funks where I just feel down for no real reason. When that happens I can be short with my kids, quick to voice displeasure or other negative thoughts at work, and get in to a pattern of feeling stuck. Like I'm not able to think effectively. I like writing. I like sharing tips with fellow devs. Sometimes I even like sharing bits about more personal things. And when I'm not, that can easily lead to a pattern of inactivity that I don't like.

So when today, on November 1, I saw several people talk about their plans to blog daily during the month. I won't make that commitment, since that's usually a recipe for me to not follow through. But I do plan on writing more. About what, I'm not sure.

At the very least, I have some ideas of how to make my blogging engine better. And when I start doing that, it's goo source material. I'd also love to finish my Scorebook update for iOS 13. And who knows what else. So, let's make this a good November.

And if you have any ideas of topics you'd like to see me talk about, please drop me a line.