Powered by Tailwind

I've been able to take time off from my normal duties at Zulily and learn something new. That thing has been Tailwind CSS. I originally heard about it from Jordan Morgan's exploration of it from the perspective of an iOS developer and was intrigued. I'm not any CSS wizard by any stretch and Tailwind looked like a cool way to simplify what I've done before and maybe even make some things better.

The week went well over all! It took me what felt like a long time to get used to some of the core concepts like using all the utilities it gives me, but I'm happy with the outcome – even though the results don't look much different from the previous layout. Once I got my mind around using the configuration file, and then processing my input CSS into my final output things really started clicking. I could use my same fonts, and using the typography plugin I was able to easily just let the system lay out m text way better than I ever could by hand.

I'd be remiss too if I didn't mention the wonderful Tailwind UI templates that helped me along my way too. They are a really nice way to get started and piece together some super functional sites. I'm not using Vue or React so I had to do some adapting of the HTML templates (and if I need to, I'll have to write any JavaScript to interact with them by hand).

I also did a bit of refactoring of my leaf templates to simplify them a bit, wrote a couple of new command line utilities to help me make & publish new posts, and put in my first GitHub Action which will publish new posts as I commit them to the repository.

On the whole it's been a very productive week. My next task will be to upate my Taphouse using Tailwind as well – and I'll be making heavy use of those Tailwind UI components to get that done.