self.employer = Adobe()

Just under 2 years ago, after being laid off from Lyft, I got to rejoin Zulily. During my time at Lyft I learned very much about the craft of app making. Especially at the lower levels. Build systems, tooling, app architecture. And while I was at Lyft I couldn't help but think over and over "if only I knew this when I was at Zulily...". So rejoining Zulily was a great opportunity to apply what I had learned from Lyft and help take Zulily's iOS app to the next level. Well, I've accomplished much of what I sought to do there.

Now there's a new journey ahead of me. Today is my last day at Zulily and on Monday I start a new one with Adobe.

A good friend of mine joined Adobe back in September and told me many times that I should apply. I took his advice and my first day is Monday. I'm super pumped that I'll be working a bunch in SwiftUI – I have much to learn! Everyone I spoke with during my interviews were fantastic. I asked everyone what they liked most about working at Adobe and they all said the people. That everyone is willing to lend a hand when it's needed. Egos are checked at the door and you work to help your coworkers ship something great. I'm so here for that kind of place.

I'll miss my colleagues at Zulily but I'm so pleased with how I've been able to help out that project over the past couple of years. I know I'm leaving it better than I found it, and that's not nothing.

Onwards to Adobe!