What I'm Doing Now

updated 5/6/2016


  • I started working at zulily as a FTE at the end of January. We are working on updating large portions of our app and mobile architecture, and I'm super excited about it all. We have been tasked with allowing greater overall flexibility with what we can display to users and how to display that content. I want to do some posts and maybe a talk or two about how we are pulling this off.
  • The big Scorebook update is still moving, albeit slowly. I'be been doing more testing and bug fixing. Since this is touching the most integral things (user data) I want to make sure it's right. I found some Core Data concurrency issues that need fixing and then I think I'll be ready to go. Hoping before WWDC.
  • I'm working on a small project with David Hoang. He's began a new thing called The Rock Tumbler Collective and it is one of the first projects coming through.
  • I joined the board of advisors for the University of Washington iOS certificate program. This is the same program I completed 2 years ago.
  • Speaking of the certificate program, I'm teaching the first 3 weeks of the 3rd quarter. The course is titled iOS apps in production and I will be covering the App Store in week 1, and app groups, extensions, and inter-app communication in weeks 2 and 3.
  • I also started helping to organize the Seattle Xcoders meetup group. We gather once a month on the 2nd Thursday for talks and socializing. Every time I leave one of these events I want to write something about the value of community. One of these days I will. Probably 😊


  • We entered into contract on a new home a week ago, and close at the end of May.

My goal is to update this post regularly, probably adding some sections to it as time marches on.