What I'm Doing Now

updated 3/11/2019


  • I've been at Lyft since December, 2017.
  • I spent year 1 on the communications platform team doing behind the scenes work that you probably wouldn't notice.
  • I joined the Driver Onboarding team in January and am gearing up to launch my first new feature as part of that team: a new driver license scanning workflow.

Other Projects

  • Scorebook has returned to the app store, and I'll be keeping it updated regularly.
  • Maverick is the blog engine powering this site, and I've got a few things I still want to do to enhance it. Mostly this isn't directly Maverick related but more around tooling for writing posts on iOS and the Mac.
  • I'm co-organizing the Seattle Xcoders meetup group.


  • Atticus (5) is in preschool, and will be going in to developmental kindergarten in the fall.
  • Finnian (2.5) will be going in to part-time preschool in the fall.
  • Both boys are super busy and fun, giving my wife and me lots of joy along the way.